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Ray and Michael check out how to grab the Flame On, Stick the Landing, and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof achievements in the newly released DLC for Saints Row The Third!
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    Hate the intro, love the vlogs x

  7. wallyvlog:

    hey where is this guy from, i cant tell his accent. It sounds like a put on irish accent. Can anyone guess where i am from from my videos? irish family vlog

  8. Swoon17:

    We love you!!

  9. Purrrsuasive1:

    HAHA Albi was french kissing you!

  10. whoknows4997:

    Oh My God ,, Your Garden Is Stunning!!!!!

  11. GMLfilms:

    ALBI <3

  12. sparksandrainbows:

    I’ve been watching since day 1 and I have to say, it’s kind of addicting! I’m happy that you came up with a different structure, because that makes it sound like you’re planning on vlogging for a long time! I definitely approve! 🙂

  13. ssshlow:

    ive watched your videos from the start, and i lovee your vlogs, they brighten up my day :D:D

  14. littlegoodchap:

    <3 your videos :) 

  15. 81KatieMarie:

    ive been watching from the start, every time before I go work I watch your vlogs I love them so funny! 

  16. crawlinginmyweb:

    I see the bagel slicer again! YES!!! 🙂

  17. irishgirlx481:

    Love your videos!

  18. calopez123:

    I´ve watched this from the start! I always liked them!!! And I actually high fived you! hahaha! Keep this videos coming! Im your biggest colombian fan, even here you are being watch! 🙂

  19. Lodol1:

    Albi is so cute

  20. 52lovelight:

    Ohhh Albi..precious puppy, giving Daddy kisses at the end. How sweet is that!!!!! I love Albi!!!!

  21. skantflock:

    The Vacuum King ! 

  22. noair4breath:

    i’ve been watching since day 1. And I am so addicted!!!

  23. milaalim74:

    i like ur vids and ur funny but albi licking ur mouth is beyound gross. i have a little dog and hes always licking his penis and butt hole so if i were u i would think twice allowing albi lick ur mouth seriously.

  24. leahluluhailey:

    yea the weather was shitty today :(

  25. preservid:

    Yes we like our 9.59 minutes, We love you both too!!!!!!!!!!!…applause, applause!!!!!!!!

  26. coldwar252:

    no, we would watch it for gaving, natures troll.

  27. mojoe6123:

    strange that the dlc helps towards the platinum trophy, by the way guys gangstas in space in my opinion is the best dlc, go get it

  28. DennisVlaanderen:

    Cat on a hit tun roof is a movie from 1958 where a dude that fucked up his life sits and reflects his life turning his back on his wife. He decides to visit his father who has cancer and they both reflect and get different insights on various situations.

    Weird sentimental kind of movie, don’t know why they refered it in the achievement

  29. 40luffy:

    Ray,jose from high school your the best man

  30. brainiac554:

    That’s because you weren’t around when it was only Jack and Geoff.

  31. Squerrelkiller:

    its a reference to a song by brian setzer at least i think it is

  32. hawkbolden10:

    If Micheal gets fired then we riot!!!!!!!!

  33. ShyBoy6D9:

    Thanks for these. Got the platinum yesterday, and I couldn’t figure out a good way to do Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Feeding Time (because my character is fully upgraded, and my throw is insane).

    Ironically enough, Saints Row The Third was the third game I unlocked a platinum trophy in.

  34. ShyBoy6D9:

    Assuming you haven’t figured it out after a week, after you download it, you still have to install it like anything else, and when you go in-game, it should just notify you, and you should also have new missions to do.

  35. FR3AKYG33KYy:

    was it me or were they commenting Avgn double vision and fly though rings and pick up cars hmm?

  36. Toontown302able:

    Thank god this achievement is over

  37. niofalpha:

    how do u activate it i hav gnki bowl but how u play it

  38. MrDontquestionme:

    fuck I hate the roof top one fuckn there for half an hour trying to land on every roof, so fuckn bullshit kept missing one of them by like just hitting the edge and landing on the lower part of the roof were you cant kill them FML 🙁

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    Not a book thing, A movie thing.

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    everybody i ask does not know u guys and i live a couple miles from your hq

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    first, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and second, are you gay? im being serious

  44. TheMaximan97:

    hes one of the most popular people on rooster teeth

  45. Betrayedhumanity:

    and you my friend are retarded ¬_¬ Michael is fucking epic!

  46. Andrew127100:

    0:47 just not to you haha

  47. sagemills:

    MICHEAL is awsome stop raging

  48. MrBunt3:

    michael grow up

  49. MrBunt3:

    michael is the most annoying person ever to listen to, what a complete idiot. fire him!!!!!

  50. ThyEpicCommenter:

    Not very bright for someone who used «Smartkid» in his username, eh?