Should We Get A Kitten? (6.7.09 — Day 38)


i dunno guys, alli really wants to adopt one of these little kittens. should we? leave your vote in the comments of this video! More Super Duper Stuff:
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25 комментариев на “Should We Get A Kitten? (6.7.09 — Day 38)”

  1. Rejiar Barzani:

    Cheese was in the new video today!!!!!!!

  2. pregnantseagulls:

    thought i’d come and see what they were doing 4 years ago

  3. esmeevogels:

    alli: ahh look he’s poop’in ^^ soo cute
    me: -_- Realy alli? realy

  4. jabooper:

    alli making sexual jokes, she wants the dick. loljkdon’tkillme

  5. norxcontacts:

    Charles swears a lot.

  6. mollygibson11:

    I work at the Kilwins in Petoskey MI where Kilwins is originated from<3

  7. vaatigirl123:


  8. kiterunners2:

    OH MY GOD. I miss superman ice cream.

  9. LittleMegRose:

    You should get a kitten and train it to use the bell like Zoey and Marley (:

  10. ownageprankslsfan:

    whats the vlog when charles got a kodak zi8

  11. xxkristinee:

    4:55 You turned Alli into trollface! Before it was even popular!

  12. 111browncow:

    @mzbluesky92 same

  13. mzbluesky92:

    Our cats trained to go outside

  14. MyaUndead:

    Come on, Charles. Who doesn’t want blue poop?

  15. kon3ko13:

    You can train a cat to use the toilet, my sister did it with the Litter Kwitter just google it.

  16. SmudgeTehCat:

    THE EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME!! A cat with 5 little kittens appeared from no where! They were living behind my shed and the kittens were only half a week old when we discovered them! Now they are 5 months old and very cute 🙂

  17. WatermelonFacePunch:

    Tyson is such a cute dog!!! (:

  18. 2201texas:

    Get better Charles!

  19. Cdude200:

    wtf the mortal kombat theme?

  20. eeelleira:

    I love how on here he’s playing with the iPhone face-alter and with the new iPhone he plays with Siri all day. Charles is such a nerd, but I love him. 😀

  21. Kirsten2551:

    My cat just shits outside…

  22. gfhg37:

    my friend put cat litter in the toilit and it FAILED!!!!!!

  23. lovinnlife2013:

    they’re not figs!
    just kidding! haha (:

  24. Across162:

    CTFxC :p

  25. TheUnpredictable88:

    Dog vlog..!..