Jason Manford His Best Ever Routine Part 2



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23 комментария на “Jason Manford His Best Ever Routine Part 2”

  1. Nomorehataz:


  2. LewisMeaden14:


  3. LampsM3Di4:


  4. lfcsve26:

    thanks 4 uploading but wheres part 3??

  5. ck108ck108:

    Where’s part 3?

  6. Nomorehataz:

    this was posted on my birthday 😀

  7. theherdgonner:

    31secs a miserable black bitch.

  8. nathanwright1118:

    Hia you know this new film gladiator as it got anything to do with tv series! :L hahaha

  9. MCFCRuss:

    free arse ROFL

  10. TheHumanBallsack:


    I’d drill that.

  11. Ebolahill88:

    it was me who compained about the porn… {evil hypocriticle laugh}

  12. vicwau87:

    part 3??

  13. yallnome06:

    the black woman at 00:30 doesn’t seem very happy about that joke…

  14. xHoadeZ:

    hating faggot

  15. MattyLawton94:

    and thats why hes on tour right now!!! and lets not forget just finished hosting his own tv show

  16. zanist123:

    what do you mean not really no body even remembers him anymore .. lool hes an EPIC failure

  17. xHoadeZ:

    not really

  18. tinybru1:

    pitchy pocket 😛

  19. zanist123:

    3:47 … WHAT A FUCKING FAILURE!!!!!!!!

  20. gnamp:

    «If you’re going to be racist mate, get it right…» switch to rather unamused black woman in audience. 00:30

  21. SteveNL360:

    Telly over, trousers up, tissues down the couch, brilliant! :D

  22. hunkydunky1:


  23. pondbunny:

    why have you got a hard on….we just signed robinho haha