Who is JOB 2.0 — Switching boards mid-wave — Episode 5


Jamie O’Brien tries a new technique by paddling out on his longboard and then dropping in his short board to ride the wave. Later, despite despite the warnings of his feline friend he goes all the way to the finals of the Volcom Pipe Pro for an epic showdown down to the last second with John John. Subscribe to this show! www.youtube.com Watch the last episode: www.youtube.com Follow @whoisjob / #whoisjob on twitter: twitter.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 комментариев на “Who is JOB 2.0 — Switching boards mid-wave — Episode 5”

  1. RaphRB:

    who loses to a 9.9 and a 9.4 LOL

  2. fanathym:

    soooooooooooooooooooooooong 2:44 please?????????????????????

  3. yellowman808:

    Jamie was fucking pissed! Ahaha chee he wanted to knock him out.

  4. Alejandro Loo Zambrano:

    song 2:42 brahh!!

  5. ToolsnFire:

    So you’re not going to show us him paddling in?

  6. dizzeepetee:

    Good for John John, he would have won anyway with that final wave, but JOB was robbed, his waves were as good if not better than John John’s..

  7. fanathym:

    2:44 perfect

  8. dumbshitblog:

    dude the guy at the middle doesn’t give a fuck when that one dude gets scratched by the cat

  9. 14SupaG:

    And at 9:46

  10. VenturaVic:

    1:20 Bosss.

  11. BenOutlawVideos:

    4:11 what the hell he was going switch

  12. AussiefromleDoubs:

    Board switch mid-wave..is this guy crazy?

    Just kidding JOB da man

  13. mf2230:

    not really man. its not a real win if you just let someone win.

  14. MrDobby12345:

    Notice his stance at 3:53 then his next wave!!!!!!

  15. fanathym:


  16. fanathym:

    I really would like to try this out. A very important part seems to be just to get the perfect timing at the start

  17. fanathym:

    yes please! 🙂

  18. shacksilly:

    Now soft tops r proven

  19. cjomami:

    John John out of respect for Jamie should not have taken the wave. That is my view. It was sleazy. John did not show class

  20. cjomami:

    Rbass311 is a mahu kook who is in the coast guard and got kicked out of town spots for being a grabber. His favorite cutdown line is your a tool. When he’s the tool on his military superiors Dick.

  21. StorrorBlog:

    when is the next ep?

  22. rsmaniabroz:

    its a remix of Don’t Wake Me Up by JD Jaber, at 242 that is

  23. rsmaniabroz:

    its a remix of Don’t Wake Me Up by JD Jaber, at 242 that is

  24. jakemehofff:

    its a remix of Don’t Wake Me Up by JD Jaber, at 242 that is

  25. matheuscoutosouza: