Living with Tigers (Part 1)


This documentary features a Bengal tiger re-wilding project started by John Varty in 2000. This project involves training captive-bred Bengal tiger cubs by their human trainers so that the tigers can regain their predatory instincts. Once they prove that they can sustain themselves in the wild, they would be released into the wilderness of Africa to fend for themselves. Their trainers, John Varty and Dave Salmoni (big-cat trainer and zoologist), have to teach them how to stalk, to hunt, and, most importantly, to associate hunting with food. All rights belong to Discovery Communications, Inc
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 комментария на “Living with Tigers (Part 1)”

  1. Sandyhannah2:

    Thank you

  2. chris90aep:

    the second video in the right

  3. TheBoyChur:

    LOL look to you’re right pahahahahaha and you call someone else a jackass lmfao

  4. Sandyhannah2:

    Love it, where is part 2

  5. EndlessLaymon:

    Who you calling jackass? It’s «YOUR»!
    you’re = you are.

    Why are you wording a sentence = Look to you are right in suggestions, jackass.

  6. Choppa302:

    u know that guy on the horse was like WTF?!? when them tigers ran up on him

  7. musicmanvin1:

    Yes I agree, the tigers should have been re-introduced into they’re native land. However I’m guessing this is more of an experiment to see if we can actually train captive bred animals to survive… Also I’m guessing the reasons they didn’t do this in Asia is because the #1 reason for the tigers going extinct over there is the lack of land to support the species, and like they said in the vid, this might of been the only location that allowed them to set up a long term camp : /

  8. shubroto81:

    If the indians are gonna kill off their tigers, they should introduce them to african parks.

  9. BrojoJoJohn:

    Awesome! I’m from Bowmanville and that scene looks very familar! I didn’t know they came here to film a documentary. That is way too cool!

  10. arturo14271:

    Si lo dieran en español, sería mucho mejor.

  11. rainynightTv:

    i found that , how about part 3 ?

  12. callofpaul:

    Look to you’re right in «suggestions» jackass

  13. SrTeotl:

    Wild animals in Africa are quite afraid of humans, besides, they are not alone, must be with a crew and probably armed in case of an emergency.

  14. MrEvanWhite:

    pause at 15:30 and then piss yourself laughing at the tigers face! LOL

  15. dancergirlmh:

    So, Is Dave the mom?

  16. Leyton903:

    I am with Msapere the idea is stupid and should been in India that’s the native habitat for tigers. One thing is tigers are not pets Dave does not understand the terms of pets and wildlife. All big cat are unpredictable and they hate when someone comes into they path while stress or angry. I don’t like the way he put the tiger on leash and a piece meat thinking its a pet this is a wildlife creature Dave not a pet.

  17. rainynightTv:

    lol the guy on the horse almost diead LMAO am glad they didn’t see me on my motorbike they would mistake me for pray
    anyway WHERE IS PART 2

  18. Msapere:

    This experiment should have been done in the Tiger’s native habitat. India. I don’t care how «similar» the environs are between South Africa and India. Creating a ‘breeding ground’ for Tigers in Africa just doesn’t sound right…you know at some point a few will escape and then what? we will have another non-native species wrecking havoc and disturbing the natural food chain which already has its inherent problems. This is just not a good Idea IMO….good TV fodder, but baseless.

  19. marck hoffmann:

    so cute

  20. nodirbekable:

    WTF!!! was that a wolf at 3:35????

  21. douthet18:

    I’ve been looking for this documentary for years.. It’s been on youtube since Dec 2011 WTF!!

  22. bigcomcast:

    There might be as many as 50.000 Tigers in public and private hands, not counting hybrids.In fact they are so numerous they can be bought fairly cheap.A tiger cub can be bought cheaper than some pure bred dog breeds.

  23. topshottaz1790:

    at 03:44 is an absolute beast!!!!!

  24. aquariusNA:

    this is amazing about tigers
    also they are big cats