Aurgelmir: The Solemn Giant w/ Nova Part 1


Leave a like to help out a creature cat:) Nova and me play this custom map in the pre-release of Minecraft 1.8. Sorry for all the orb lag issues lol. Nova: Map:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Don’t forget to leave a Like and such guys! Click here for the Dead Island Playlist: Seamus, James, Sp00n, and myself play the Dead Island Co-Op. The game is actually pretty stable for being a 4 player game, which surprised me. Creature Cats. Nova: Sp00n: ssohpkc:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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49 комментариев на “Aurgelmir: The Solemn Giant w/ Nova Part 1”

  1. GamingPsycotic:

    1st comment in a month :D

  2. xIMEXICANx:


  3. raikou641:


  4. cian ryan:


  5. MizzHeffner:

    you are good

  6. joeythe5th:

    at the cafe two of the names on the lever things have the names from the yogscast XD

  7. julianjb373:

    Stop walking in to the fucking mobs, you literally walked into that creeper, thats why you died

  8. tbissett68:

    I think the fog was because of Herobrine

  9. 100legobrick100:

    halo reach came before 1.8 update? wow.(incase your wondering,i bought minecraft in 1.0 but ive watched atleast 3yrs worth of vids)

  10. TheBelatedRater:

    they fell in the tardis nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  11. BackStabberFace:

    i tried saying the name very quickly and it can out as i grew up as giants

  12. JAM10409:

    holly crap that thing is made of wood:D

  13. EagleWeekend:

    It’s the TARDIS!

  14. MforMogul:

    omg everyone he posted that comment 1 month ago -__-

  15. MforMogul:

    @zachariepack7 he posted it 1 month ago lol

  16. The4Ever4Life:

    hees Past it now :D… like a long time ago

  17. thespicer:

    Hello Everybody! (i hope at least one of you read that in the Dr. Nick voice) check out my channel for minecraft

  18. katieee6x:

    made for yogscast

  19. JinroCrinze:

    longer than an asian’s cock?

  20. TheMizzMan101:

    he has over that now :)

  21. RavenKnightmare:

    Because it was made for the Yogscast… the ‘Yogiverse’

  22. CoDisRADICAL:

    nova almost has his 2000 video!  😀

  23. lol4U1000:

    why is there a Yogscast reference in café?!?!

  24. UGCTheBest:

    Lol, Yogscast reference.

  25. retardedmonkey9000:

    Nova: Oh no a creeper! Kootra: I should run at it and hug it because i totally wont die!

  26. GunshyPigeon:

    You just HAD to be ‘that’ guy didn’t you?

  27. psykonikk:

    my name is nickolai

  28. xEpicNaNo:

    Nova: I need a bat man!
    Kootra: Batman?
    *Video Ends*

  29. TheSquall998:

    Uhh, CoD didn’t invent either of those names… Russians have used those names for years, hate to break it to you.

  30. MrSpintothewall:

    Wow, creators of dead island totally copied names from CoD games, like: Nikolai and Sergei from Black ops. Im no hater just putting it out there.

  31. TheLFMproduction:


  32. CreamPieVids:

    haha, well, i guess we know whose reusing stuff (Call of Duty). 😛

  33. 333badcat:

    nikolia was in a helicopter crash in mw3

  34. DUDE11583:

    6:09 man! that girl gots a dick!!! lol

  35. Monster19981:

    Lol u droped the machateat 13:00

  36. HossGriefer:

    ._______. <-----WHALE

  37. Rockincreeper:

    sergi nickoli whos next resnov cod ripoff

  38. Legomania1234567I8:

    Subscribe to watch them done

  39. alphabeta2169:

    nova needs batman

  40. heroboy1231:

    «I DON’T CARE JUST GIMME DUCK TAPE» «you betta get outta ma face hahahahahahahahahahha lolololololololololololololollolol0olo

  41. heroboy1231:

    she has a penis

  42. illmurderursoul:

    6:09 . wuts wrong with her ??!!?! O.o

  43. CreamPieVids:

    true dat.

  44. fireball080901:

    or from zombies black ops

  45. luhtweety123:


  46. RemixerAbsol:

    i need a bat man

  47. ultimatewerewolflord:

    guys come over here just come over here just do it look at her middle spacey just look at it (everyone finds out she is a shemale they run into the trucks laughing while they do it crashing the trucks talking about the shemale) lol

  48. CreamPieVids:

    Nickolai? you mean the one from call of duty 4? who was also in a hellocopter crash in that game? oh why didn’t you say so…..

  49. bunnydragonn:

    i like turtles