Dead Island Co-Op w/ Kootra, Nova, Ssohpkc, and Sp00n Part 2


Don’t forget to leave a Like and such guys! Click here for the Dead Island Playlist: Seamus, James, Sp00n, and myself play the Dead Island Co-Op. The game is actually pretty stable for being a 4 player game, which surprised me. Creature Cats. Nova: Sp00n: ssohpkc:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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48 комментариев на “Dead Island Co-Op w/ Kootra, Nova, Ssohpkc, and Sp00n Part 2”

  1. LegendaryFroggy:

    I know, I was noting the timing.

  2. Thomas Mckenzie:

    he says face…. srry to spoil ur thoughts.

  3. ToasterLicker:

    Anyone else come here coem from another creatures POV to see the lifeguard die?


    Well I failed, go figure, now i just look like an idiot.

  5. Renee Foster:


  6. poorlyexponet9:


  7. GunshyPigeon:

    Worst Speeler! derp.

  8. YungMoney4Life651:

    Worst Comintator

  9. livecatgrenades:



    It’s too late, my plan was to start a flame war all along. The wood is ready and the match is lit.

  11. bradknightable:

    continuation/ seen as a more kid friendly system cons easyer to hack can and will catch fire if u run it for days (EARLYER MODELS) u have to pay for online breaks more easily im not trying to start a flame war i so those as a waste of time when i could be doing other things i have both system and i see them as equaly capable gameing platforms i just like the ps3 better dont hate the player hate the console just dont hate it near me please

  12. bradknightable:

    im not trying to start anything i have both and there are pros and cons to both ill start with the ps3 pros internal battrie for controler free online u can run it for days without it catching fire its also a blue ray player ps3 cons the online comunity is mostly duche bags in their thirtys that think there tough shit or little brat kids that shouldnt be playing m rated games same with xbox as well now the xbox it has multiple game franchises just for xbox more online options


    Okay now somebody respond to this guy with a pro Xbox and con Play Station comment and then another respond with pro Play Station and con Xbox comment and so on.

  14. bradknightable:

    u are entitled to your opinion but the way i see it the ps3 is free to play and the xbox isnt


    Well maybe you shouldn’t play on such a bad console. (…And let the flame war commence.)

  16. bradknightable:

    i swear the multiplayer on this game at least on the ps3 is so shitty once youre able to join its fun but i take neary 30 trys to connect they really could have made this game better dont know if this is still an issue but last time me and my friends tryed to play this we all rage quit cause we couldnt join each other no wonder why its baned in astralia

  17. arto1248:

    Sound was coming from nova’s speakers and his mic was picking up his sound twice

  18. Shockhalo887:

    Ending was soo funny

  19. thesuperenderdragon:

    juust so you can see the reply THEN BUY THE GAME

  20. Tortroz08:

    They are sooooo bad ;)

  21. lordlavaman1001:

    dead island is fun and i own it

  22. LookAtMyEyesRollEm:


  23. FieryMastermind:

    any 1 knows if you can play a coop on 1 Xbox? like LAN?

  24. Nosalisis:

    at the end:
    Kootra: well i’m gonna put my heels in *video ends* XD

  25. 15jochen:

    i really want this game

  26. mariah992:

    really liked this one!

  27. Loo267:

    Love you guys. xx

  28. itsmeredith:

    i have a lhasa apso boy puppy (well 2 years this month) and i dress him 🙂
    i had your opening theme song stuck in my head in the shower the other day!

  29. TheCurrentBoobies:

    My dog got so excited when albi started barking. I had to play it again!

  30. Alainirul:

    albi’s cuteee…=)

  31. crawlinginmyweb:

    Clash Of the Titans in 3D sucked! Don’t waste your time. The movie wasn’t actually made for 3D but because all the 3D movies have been coming out, at the last minute they tried to make Clash into 3D. Movie was good. I love Gemma Arterton who played Io. She’s gorgeous and I love hearing her voice. PS She was born with 6 fingers on each hand but had it surgically removed when she was younger.

  32. preservid:

    What exactly are you saying in your opening? 🙂 what is a jumper? Loved the accent of the little girl while you were in the pet shop!

  33. fluffyelf2:

    ROLF these are great!

  34. tammimarie:

    wow how is it day 26 already. time flies.

  35. LipSingingSensation:

    hey, i try! 🙂

  36. LipSingingSensation:

    hey, i try! 🙂

  37. LipSingingSensation:

    hey, i try! 🙂

  38. Strawbimi:

    its awh yeah. lol.

  39. 52lovelight:

    OMGosh, LOL Jonathan — you would be great in a Shakespear play!!! (there at the end). Albi!!!!! sweet Albi!!!xxoo

  40. somojojo:

    Yay for being pro snail! We should all help the little guys out.


  41. leahluluhailey:

    I thought he was saying «awwwwwww yea» ? 🙂 haha 

  42. elle00606:

    Looks like I’m pro snail too 🙂 I always pick them up and put on them on the grass …

  43. Mocchiiii:

    Ur sooo funny! I cant stop smiling :)

  44. tatziful:

    i dont get the thing in the lift either ^^

  45. doves750:

    Anna’s hair color looks lovely! Did she do it herself or the hairdressers?

  46. shakebeforeuse00:

    Today is the day Cesar milan became asian! That impression was amusing! What the hell was going on with the man in the lift? Im so confused! x

  47. iHeartReading55:

    This is hilarious!

  48. LipSingingSensation:

    i did the «all YEAH!» with you! 🙂