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23 комментария на “CUPCAKE HEAD”

  1. Vball1430751:

    My birthdays Nov 4th! 

  2. kittttygirl5:

    DownRangeGaming channel, search «married»
    …ur welcome :)

  3. 45Sam34:

    My other fav girl scout cookies are the tri-foil ones those are bangin SAAAAANNNN

  4. 45Sam34:

    My fav girl scout cookies are the lemon moons one their so good

  5. AssassinF0rce:

    It’s in his gaming channel

  6. teddy3265:

    like whore

  7. MrRoman1197:

    Thin mints!!

  8. MrRoman1197:

    Team Nylah!

  9. Erin Savoie:


  10. belle1523:

    check his gaming channel

  11. belle1523:

    its on his gaming channel

  12. lizzie beth:

    Like if Team Jesse !!

  13. kanna231:

    Ignore it don’t go to Juror 

  14. MilfHunter707:

    04:59 look at nylah in the back????

  15. LAPranksterz:

    02:28, food just magically appears o.O

  16. AWallthenamesaregone:

    search downrangegaming its on there

  17. TheBdv30:

    most cats like fresh water.

  18. dontbreakthatpromise:

    Jesse talks ALLL about his marriage/divorce on his gaming channel. YA’LL ARE SOME PATHETIC PVPEEPS SAAAN!!!


    EPIC «Thats what she said»

  20. TheMeriel12:

    what’s jury duty

  21. starlightz123channel:

    Who was he married to before???

  22. Rita14G:

    you were married jesse??? O.o

  23. Blondie33311:

    What?! You should tell us about your old marriage.!