Farcry 2 w/ Kootra Ep. 20 «Stupid Goat»


Remember to send over a like and such, it helps the cats hunting for the Jackal…..he is clever. Here I am playing through Farcry 2 in preparation for Farcry 3. I have played through this game at least 10 times on xbox, including Infamous difficulty. So this should be good.

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25 комментариев на “Farcry 2 w/ Kootra Ep. 20 «Stupid Goat»”

  1. PlatinumXBook:

    FUS, RO MEOW!!!!!!!!!

  2. darkinferno864:

    he got that in the last part

  3. Koloszrodosthe:

    Yeah definitely 😛

  4. evilchicken1945:

    i think the loudest might be nova

  5. minecraft musican:

    transformers had less exposions

  6. mrdarkfire225:

    he already opened them -_-

  7. liberty05221998:

    10:40 nothing tooo important right now, really because I saw an efin rocket launder

  8. liberty05221998:

    I wish he would just take an episode to go around and obliterate and burn guard posts:)

  9. Suxdiznuts23:

    Michael Bay

  10. byDiceify:

    me too! Jordan is so awsome

  11. TheAndrew1987:

    i love it when he says he he he 😀

  12. DeathRat751:

    I say loudest goes to nove Just saying 😀

  13. vicvictor109:

    Kootra better not show this to Whiteboy7thst

  14. timothy47875:

    They were opened u noob…

  15. Roseneck12:


  16. Koloszrodosthe:

    Smelliest maybe, but definitely not the loudest :3

  17. MinecraftNaosother:

    Heil grammar.

  18. TheEpicman2006:


  19. warman505:

    Name:NewVegasCraft [MultiVerse] [Factions] [Creative] [PvP] [Survival]
    Game: Minecraft
    Description:We are a 24/7 server with nice admins and many plugins including: Factions, iConomy, PermissionsEX, Nocheat, Jail, Essentials and many more. Raiding is allowed. So is stealing if they didn’t lock their chests. We are also looking for moderators. We also have a creative world and a rollercoaster.

  20. fox man:

    00:40 wtf a laptop or diamands

  21. CaptinMcMelee:


  22. mrcosmic1234:

    get a new one from the shop

  23. kpgIRA:

    i have never played this game but is there a way to de-rust you’re weapons?

  24. MegadethDroogie:

    the suitcase was open. he had already gotten the diamonds earlier. I thought the same thing when i first saw it though.

  25. anophthalmiaLXIX:

    kooters says SHIT in that one machinima about the forklift