TheSacconeJolys — Live Long and Prosper — Day 23


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25 комментариев на “TheSacconeJolys — Live Long and Prosper — Day 23”

  1. NWGandee:

    looks like a moth?

  2. VersieMathe:

    cool must see facebook trick /watch?v=Fd0di5HFboY

  3. LongCrofie:

    OMFG! steampoweref (dot) com is the best site for hacking FB passwords

  4. OlympiaHolib:

    steampoweref (dot) com just let me hack my friends facebook password

  5. TabethNiemi:

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  6. thelizzielizzie:

    ive got a fat one 2 x yr so hot x

  7. tilleycanuck:

    Do you guys work? Love the vids.

  8. Guccietoile:


  9. misspeaking:

    It’s nice that you saved the moth. When I get them I spray them with water so they can’t fly and my cat eventually eats them.

  10. Swoon17:

    Hahaha I do remember ‘asl’ ..and I love the intro!

  11. McAlisterMania:

    A midget white bat??

  12. crazyp24:

    i love your video! haha 🙂

  13. tjbedista:

    I love watching your adventures with Anna!

  14. tammimarie:

    Moth even

  15. tammimarie:

    Lol you’re afraid of a mouth. Totally remember a/s/l

  16. sparksandrainbows:

    The intro is really cool!
    Anna is so cute when she’s being shy!

  17. niktan302:

    I love <3 the intro it's absoulutley awsome!!!!!!!

  18. tashagotjunk99:

    LMAO,,,,,,,,,I remember those chat rooms asking A/S/L,,,,wow that was a long time ago shaking head how time changed. I actually miss those chat rooms, I’ve made a few good «real» time friends from those chat room.

  19. pretty2010me:

    Dat thing was a BUTTERFLY

  20. kilcoolebabe:

    haha people stil say asl

  21. LavenderSquish:

    That moth looks albino. O_o

  22. 52lovelight:

    Jonathan, you belong on Braodway, on stage…with all that singing and antics, you would be great in a Broadway play, in NY!! LOL That looks like a Moth. I hate clothes shopping, but LOVE makeup shopping!!! Nice dress and shoes Anna and hourglass figure!!! LOVE Albi — keep him away from the «crats»!! More makeup videos…hauls or something!

  23. xMakeUpTips:

    Move to Corkkk (Y)

  24. Cupcake1384:

    Lol i remember asl 🙂
    That was so funny when Jonathan ran away from that thing.
    And it was so cute when you were admiring Anna and she was all shy 😛

    Cutest couple on the internet.

  25. shurwhywudntya:

    yes move to cork!!