Elbow & Crusha Cats — Independent Woman


Animated Video Featuring the «Crusha» cats

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25 комментариев на “Elbow & Crusha Cats — Independent Woman”

  1. VEVPlaylist:

    I finally remembered this song at 0:40

  2. 3eahor3e:


  3. kuujussi:

    Where is that The Gun house?

  4. youngchampagne:

    This vid went viral on Uruguay

  5. gusmcleod922:

    This video went viral on Bulgaria

  6. michaeld5:


  7. TeddyLopez1:


  8. mozmootar:

    better than the origional x)

  9. xxmegrocksxx101:

    weirrdddddd!!!! lolz

  10. flipXXalchemist:

    I got really baked in class today. Expecting to take a nap, my teacher showed us this video. Ive never tripped out so hard in my life before until today

  11. greenbastard50:

    @CtrlAltD3stroy gotta love that gmod toybox huh?

  12. CtrlAltD3stroy:

    Saw this in Gmod before I saw it here XD The best object ever concieved.

  13. MrKimmoFramelius:

    you know
    your cat knows

  14. fukinzeppelinman:

    I know of a super hot porn star that loves this video. Does that make me special? In a way it does but then again in an even bigger way it really doesn’t.

  15. 121sandstorm:

    Me and my work mates love this 😀 xxxxx Question!
    I’ve just added this as my Fav…..

  16. 121sandstorm:

    Me and my work mates love this 😀 xxxxx Question!

  17. Leopardisity:

    lol…look at them…

  18. romeroszombie76:


  19. ilovefall08:

    rofl! i use to watch this all the time as a kid ..
    it kinda scared me but i liked the song!

  20. suecruz100:


  21. msbubblesss:

    i want some CRUSHA 😀

    i just love CRUSHA adverts 🙂

  22. mezza205:

    albinoblacksheep had this video about 5yrs ago, still a class video.

  23. gjbap:


  24. nibs2lou:

    That ginger kitten is ROCKIN’.

  25. Viltord:

    I like that, i saw that video few years ago on a website. 🙂