Nathan Fillion on Ellen 10/04/07


Nathan Fillion on The Ellen Degeneres Show 10/04/07 This is a great interview…he talks about doing soap operas and about his cat (that came with the house he bought)

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25 комментариев на “Nathan Fillion on Ellen 10/04/07”

  1. TheTwihardgirl:


  2. summer27619:

    he’s delightful n fun n hot 🙂

  3. bonelifeful:


  4. coaluck:


  5. coaluck:

    i know him as CASTLE!!

  6. TheLovenewyork:


  7. johnmarlena4ever:

    I LOVE the fact that he has been on One Life To Live!!Soap operas ROCKS!!And he’s been on Buffy The Vampire Slayer to,an other favorite show of mine love it! ;Dsearch on google photos, write; Nathan Fillion Kassie Depiva Laura Wright
    You will see such a cute photo!! ;D They were so young,there’s two more soapactors on the photo,but can’t remember their names thought,they were on OLTL,only Laura(General Hospital) haven’t been on OLTL ;)They all ROCK!! Especially my girls Blair&Carly(Kassie&Laura)

  8. imtheiconoclast:

    Captain Hammer will always be there to save the day.

  9. LotSFan101:

    hahaha xD «I wanted to kill the cat» LOL

  10. bugalooshrimp92:

    I was like JOHNNY!! from two guys, a girl and a pizza place, now im all like CASTLE!!!!

  11. wolfdruidkiba:

    Castle to me!!!

  12. recycledcolours:

    and i am all like CASTLE!!!

  13. robotentity:

    He’s a really good weight here.

  14. alexmcneill128:

    he’s not a cat person. I love him more than i already do

  15. shadowflower93:

    Awesome, Awesome man.

  16. crazyminilili:

    His cat situation is exactly identical to my cat situation but i love my cat and called it Kitty!

  17. tarasis:

    He really has put on weight. Still cool though.

  18. laruelucien:

    He’ll always be Joey Buchanan to me!

  19. reallifeprincess:

    he’ll always be The First’s super creepy pastor to me.

  20. TheDDcrow:

    He is so cute and funny! (:

  21. playsbba018:

    @NuggetKhalid I believe the correct term is «bloated with cheeseburgers»

  22. whatuhhidk2:

    No matter what he does in his career, he will always be Malcolm Reynolds to me.

    <3 Firefly <3

  23. zezimine2:

    I always wonder what they say at the end when the mics are turned off… :3

  24. thewhiteleyrocks25:

    now there also OMG!! IT’S CASTLE!!!!!!!!!

  25. NuggetKhalid:

    LOOOOOOL I LOVE HIM. i just wish he still look like the on Castle. Hes gained bit of weight & looks a lot older. 🙁