I Purr, Therefore I Am, Cat — Furball Fables


Purr-flections : The Furball Fable cats ponder the meaning of life as a cat and offer their cat wisdom for all! Starring Merlin, Fairy, Elfin, Buddha and Yogi. youtube www.youtube.com Facebook www.facebook.com Furball Pet Friends www.youtube.com twitter twitter.com Music — Covert Affair — Kevin MacLeod incompetech.com Licensed under Creative Commons «Attribution 3.0» creativecommons.org The quotes used here were found at these websites : though we have taken liberty and tweaked many of them to fit our our weird cat perspectives! kessels.com www.catquotes.com sandtracker.tripod.com

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25 комментариев на “I Purr, Therefore I Am, Cat — Furball Fables”

  1. MsLazyplay:

    cute video!!!

  2. TheCuddlyFriends:

    LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! Love it. 🙂 Oh my, I love this video so much, definitely a favourite!!! 🙂

  3. sandrateager:

    No no i have learnt to never underestimate the intelligence of cats!
    & of course you are right it’s all in good FUN too! xoxox

  4. dearmalika:

    Great video for wonderful cats! 

  5. Furballfables:

    Thank you so much!! As our human always says «All I need to know I learned from my cats»

  6. sheka216:

    awesome video

  7. Furballfables:

    Sandra, glad you thought it was witty, cause we think we are so clever sometimes and it backfires. You know, like we are laughing and everyone else is looking at us like clowns.
    We just think a little laughter with some wisdom is fun! HUGS XOXO

  8. Furballfables:

    It sure feels good to laugh! Ahh, and the laugh is the highest compliment you can give us! Then we know you were smiling and that makes us smile too. THANK YOU!

  9. Furballfables:

    The Furball kitties are so pleased by your comment. They are happy to know that they are taken seriously as scholars and great thinkers of the cat age. It is so refreshing that you agree with their kitty cat point of view.THANK YOU!!!

  10. MsJune54:

    this is just too funny and cute! love all of your kitties, they are just the cutest on youtube….

  11. michita2006:

    Michita says, my furfriends this a pawsome video, meows and purrs to all of you!!

  12. silverpoint16:

    You don’t know about the Cat Rule Book! Oh my your education has been sadly lacking. It’s the same type of book that women have for men. You know, the one that no man may see and they think is just a figment of a woman’s imagination.

  13. RockyBDemilleFan:

    Never heard of that book … by the title, it would get shredded pretty fast around here. I didn’t think you were lookin’ for flies … I meant you all looked hip and stylin’ =oD

  14. Furballfables:

    THank u! We have been thinking….too much! «Meow is like aloha — it can mean anything» — Hank Ketchum

  15. Furballfables:

    Well we think there is a lot more to say, times 5. However The Cockamamie Cats mentioned that we were giving away all the secrets from the Cat Rule Book. Do you know anything about this book? We are trying to find a copy to review for future Purr-flections episodes.

  16. Furballfables:

    Jake is a cat after our own heart, as is Cockamamie Cat, Nissa. Playhouse pals do you know anything about «The Cat Rule Book» ? The Cockamamie Cats mentioned it, they say we are giving away all the secrets. Do you know where we could get this book? By the way did you think we were all looking for flys?


    i wanna hug every single cat in the world!

  18. smilincat:

    LOVE THIS VIDEO! As a cat person, the captions are SO TRUE!

  19. DelilahLeonard:

    What a great vid 🙂

  20. JJ3792:

    love the video and the jazzy music

  21. sandrateager:

    Can’t argue with that….
    Kitties are extremely witty! =)
    Great video!

  22. catsri7503:

    very awesome that the cats and you could quote his words in this awesome cats video xxooox

  23. Furballfables:

    All this worldly wisdom was once the unamiable heresy of some wise man.
    Henry David Thoreau

  24. Furballfables:

    Yes, but Yogi also says «no» to a cat means not when you’re looking… which is not really true because he does whatever he wants, whenever he wants…which is his other quote. Go figure…..

  25. Furballfables:

    We feel the need to tell the world what cats think….. even though the Cockamamie Cats said we were telling too much! Lep and Gracie do you know anything about The Cat Rule Book? Do you have a copy we could borrow?